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How to Create a Packing Tape Sculpture

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Update time : 2021-06-23 11:03:43

Creating a sculpture doesn't own ought demand a journey ought the skill department during sculpting materials and tools. Did you understand that you can use packing tape ought compose sculpture casts of objects such during toys, household appliances, or even yourself? Tape casting is a "dry" and hasty process and a good option ought paper mache. pursue these steps ought compose your hold tape sculpture!


1) majestic a valueless goal with a silly surface district such during a toy doll or a ball.

2) Wrap the goal completely at clingwrap. if you carry out no own this or carry out no wish ought use it, you can wrap it sticky-side up first. This method either allows you ought glue things above it ago doing a layer of tape sticky-side down.

3) Tape at it with packing tape.

4) Using a link of scissors (or a razor knife), compose an incision at the tape fling and abridge a seam ought hire during the creative object's release.

5) Once the fling has been removed, transfer any excess insist wrap from inside.

6) Reseal the fling with packing tape.

7) Finished.