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Paper machine

1092mm type jumbo tissue paper making machine

1092mm type 2 T/D jumbo tissue paper making machin
Technical parameter  
1.Output paper: Jumbo toilet tissue paper 
2.Raw material:waste office paper,waste books,white paper scrap from printing factory
3.Capacity: 2 tons per day
4.Net paper width: 1200mm 
5.Rail gauge: 1800mm 
6.Drive way: AC frequency converter speed adjusting, section drive.
The structure and specifications of paper machine                                                     
1 .Cylinder mold part
dia.1250mm stainless steel cylinder mold 1 set, dia.350mm couch roll 1 set.
2. Dryer part
dia.2000mm alloy dryer cylinder 1 set , dia.400mm touch roll 1 set.
3.Winding part
dia. 500mm winding cylinder 1 set.
Main equipment for stock preparation                                                                          
No. Item
       1 2m3 hydra-pulper
       2 250mm pulp refiner
       3 606 sand remover
       4 500 propeller
       5 Bleacher
       6 pressure screen
       7 -100 pulp pup
       8 -150 water pump
       9 Electric operation cabinet