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Paper machine

Cylinder mould paper machine


Cylinder mould paper machine

   Cylinder mould paper machine using a mesh-covered rotating cylinder partially immersed in a tank of fiber slurry in the wet end to form a paper web, giving a more random distribution of the cellulose fibers. Cylinder machines can form a sheet at higher consistency.

   The ‘cylinder mould‘ process is closer to the ancient, hand made papermaking process, and specifically devoted to Fine Art products. The ‘cylinder mould paper machine made’ papers have a specific homogeneous sheet formation (or ‘looking through’), a deeper marked surface texture, and more randomly oriented fibers in all directions. As a result, the cylinder mould paper machine is generally renowned for its stability in the wet state, which is even increased when rag in an important component of the pulp composition.

      Main parameters

Cylinder mould diameter up to 2000 mm

Cylinder mould face up to 5500 mm

 Working Speed up to 250mmin

 Cylinder mould paper machine for fluting paper,kraft paper,test liner,duplex board