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Oil distributor

  THE GPQ-N-type※※※(formerly SXX-A type) oil distributor is a component used in the concentrated lubrication system of the main oil road, which is quantitatively distributed to each lubrication branch for quantitative control and monitoring. Its
一、Model Mark
Oil dispenser
63~630      A                                                     A Inlet straight G, outlet upward expansion tube type
                                                                         B import through G, export through G
460~1600    B     Series (mm/min)
1000~3200   C                   Export quotas        3
  The body of the oil distributor must be installed vertically.
  Lubricant filtration accuracy is not less than 100. 
  The amount of oil at each lubrication point is regulated by the control valve on the corresponding branch road above the main body and indicates on the front the position of the cut line where the flow indicator is located, i.e. corresponding to its flow value.
  The inlet below the main body is connected to the supply line, and the upper outlet is connected with the lubrication points.
The oil port and mounting hole size of this product can be made according to the user's order requirements.
三、Technical parameters
Rated Pressure (MPa) 1.0
Plexiglass light transmission (%) 100
Thermal deformation temperature 100℃
  A B C
No68 No220 No68 No220 No68 No220
刻线I 850 630 2400 1600 4800 3200
刻线II 460 330 1800 1300 4000 2800
刻线III 220 160 1200 800 3000 2200
刻线IV 90 63 560 400 1800 1200
NNote: The calibration value in the table is when the flow temperature is 40℃ and the oil supply pressure is 0.6MPa.Users should be based on the size of the practical medium viscosity, refer to this table as appropriate to the flow of the corresponding reduction or amplification.
四、Structure size