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Paper machine banana roller

Paper machine banana roller

 The arc roller is a roller that has a certain curvature in the longitudinal direction and is fixed and
rotatable by a ball bearing.Because the curved roller has a certain curvanture,when the paper/film
is rotated by the guide roller,the paper/film will be elongated in the longitudinal direction to achensive
the effect of stretching the web,eliminating wrinkles and preventing the web from progressing possible
interleaving during material slitting.

This type of curved roller is often used in the calendering,calendering coating,compounding and other
processing of paper and board paper,fur,film,textile and other materials.According to user requirements
and different application,the adhensive surface can be choose wear resistance,high temperature resistance
and surface slotting.Teflon sleeves and other special requirements can also be added.

1.Paper machine
2.Film machine
3.Textile machine,and so on.

Technical parameters
Parameters Specifications Remarks
Working width 1600-3800mm Customized by customers
Outer diameter Φ100mm/Φ120mm/Φ125mm/Φ150mm/Φ180mm /
Shaft diameter Φ30~φ80mm Customized by customers
Shaft material Stainless steel 304/316/316L,Carbon steel,Stainless iron /
ARC height 25mm~80mm Customized by customers
Working temperature -40~+150 /
Rubber material CSM,EPDM or NBR /
Rubber hardness Shore A 65°~Shore A 90° /
Rubber colour Black/White /
Operation environment High temperature,high humidity,strong acid or strong alkali,close type environment. CSM hypalon applied
  High temperature,strong acid or strong alkali,open type environment.  
  Low temperature(Below 0) /
  Normal temperature /
Applications Stenter /
  Mercerizer /
  Weft straightener /
  Liquid ammonia finishing machine /
  Washing machine /
  Desizing machine /
  Scouring machine /
  Other deying&printing machine /

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Q2: How should I place an order?
A:Please send us shaft roller drawings or more requirement,we will write back unit price base on all of your

Q3: What's your MOQ basis?
A:MOQ depend on customized rollers drawings normally MOQ≥1.

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